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Todd Slater Producer

Todd Slater is recognized as one of the top independent film and media consultants in Hollywood. Todd joined the RVA team in 2015 to spearhead our media devision. Areas of expertise include financial modeling, media and film transactions, reality TV production, negotiation of rights and distribution, and the structuring of media financing.

Todd Slater is the former Executive Vice President at Philip Anschuz's film company (Anschutz Film Group), and Paramount Pictures. He has been associated with such films as the Academy Award winning Ray (starring Jamie Foxx), Sahara (co-starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz), Swimming Upstream (starring Geoffrey Rush), and Chain Letters (starring Nikki Reed). Slater is known for having written the business, distribution and marketing plans for the Academy Award winning Ray (Universal), as well as having done one of the largest brand integration deals (as recognized by Ad Week) with Jeep/Chrysler on the film Sahara (Paramount). Slater has been highlighted in The Hollywood Reporter's annual "The Next Generation" Issue - dedicated to the top executives under 35 years of age in Hollywood. He has been very successful in landing world-wide distribution deals for the films he has been involved with, including but not limited to, Ray, Sahara, Chain Letter, The Hustle, 31 North 62 East, The Other Side of the Tracks, Swimming Upstream, Danny Deckchair, Chicago Overcoat, A Sound of Thunder, The American Standards, Where The Red Fern Grows, Suicide Dolls, Blue Ridge, Blood Rush, Horror House and Trance. Slater has been involved with the financing and acquisitions of several films, sports teams, and media properties.