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International Expansion & Licensing

International Expansion & Licensing

Entering new markets requires intelligence, strategic positioning and the right packaging of your brand, merchandising, design, and more. We help you not only assess market potential but develop the right strategy so that you can operationally execute.  Our global & regional experts work with your team to manage all aspects of the process. Not only can we help you navigate the physical world we can help you launch an online site, re-pivot or extend your use of technology more effectively maximizing your impact across mobile, tablet and PCs. Our approach extends your core competencies and resources with the expertise you need to give you the agility to expand not only faster but smarter.

Whether you are licensing your brand or seeking to work with other brands or artists or..., our team can help. We team with you to define goals that make sense to your business values, customer, and resources; identify and evaluate opportunities, assess, make introductions, and negotiate agreements. Some of our clients require more hands-on support to tactically execute a licensing agreement others take it forward on their own.

We provide:

  • Evaluation & assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic Planning & Recommendations
  • Operational Plans
  • Implementation & interim Management
  • Licensing
  • Networking & Introductions
  • Negotiations & Agreements
  • and, more

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