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National Big Box Retailer


Historically this multi-billion dollar national big box retailer’s core operations and market presence had been in “single-season" warm weather markets such as the American Southwest. Their entry into the Midwest region of the US has brought new potential customers who were unfamiliar with the brand and thus had no prior loyalty to it. The goal of taking a market lead brought challenges. In addition to an unknown customer base and competitive environment, management was faced with merchandising and planning processes which had been designed to support a spring/summer "single-season," without the need to transition into fall/winter.


Richard Vorisek Associates assess market trends, the competition, and profiles the customer ahead of store openings. Monthly market visits are conducted to support existing and new store openings with business performance closely monitored. Merchandising assortments, inventory levels, in-market trends are all taken into account so that the teams can then pro-actively tailor product assortments and inventory levels to maximize store performance. Richard Vorisek Associates continues to work hands-on with the retailer's team to maximize market awareness and improve processes to support the merchandising & planning teams efforts to exceed sales plans.


As the expansion continues, new store pre-planning and execution has significantly benefited from on-going market intelligence via monthly visits. This has given the retailer the ability to quickly react to trends in the business as well as address process issues as they occur. This has resulted in steady growth, and dozens of new stores have been opened to date.