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Luminance: South Africa's First Luxury Retailer


The goal for Luminance was to become the first luxury retailer in South Africa. Its management understood that one major hurtle for the brand would be securing top luxury brands that they knew were key to its success. In order to persuade these brands to agree to sell in their market Luminance management would need some assistance. Additionally, developing a merchandising and planning strategy specific to the luxury level was not part of their core expertise, as their primary business lay outside the luxury retail sector. The brand did have a business plan and had intended to launch its first department store in Johannesburg by Fall 2013.


RVA was approached by Luminance and asked to join forces to support moving the brand's vision into reality. Working in tandem with Luminance, we approached approximately 40 luxury brands from Europe and USA and introduced them to the Luminance retail concept. RVA also led merchandising and planning strategies as well as supported store design and space allocation efforts.


RVA was able to secure all key brands that were approached. With these essential relationships and a formidable merchandising strategy, Luminance was able to open its first store in Johannesburg in July of 2013.