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Duty Free Shops


Duty Free Stores global offices in Hong Kong approached Rachel Arnold, through RVA, to assist in a unique brand extension to their T Galleria boutiques. The T Galleria stores, have been successful tourist destinations in Asia and the Pacific Islands, hosting an array of luxury brand vendor shops, and cosmetics. To expand the shopping experience, DFS wanted to introduce multi-brand areas, with lifestyle merchandising, establishing a unique DFS individual brand. Lifestyle merchandising is a new concept to DFS. They needed the concept drawn up and presented to the merchants, to show how the buy needed to be done, and to “sell” the concept to their vendors.


Rachel and her team, took the fixtures designed by the DFS Store Design team, and rendered them with the proposed merchandise. Visual props were specifically designed to elevate the assortments in an appealing presentation that spoke to the cultural references of the region.
























The 60 page presentation was presented to upper management and all merchants with overwhelming praise and acceptance of the concept. The new multi-brand lifestyle shops will premier in the Siem Reap T Galleria in early 2016.