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Domaine de Gourjo Vineyard


Located in the heart of the Languedoc region of France, Domaine de Gourjo has been family-owned and operated by the Salasc family for five generations. Despite great successes throughout the vineyard's past, recent years have seen losses in market share and in customer loyalty for Gourjo, largely due to a business model that had fallen out-of-date. The vineyard's brand identity lacked clarity and a distinct sense of direction. In particular its packaging felt antiquated, missing the opportunity to capture the enthusiasm that consumers traditionally have for the South of France. Additionally, although the products themselves were strong, the vineyard had not been engaging with their customer in a substantial way, the result of which was a lower price-point for high-quality product.


The Richard Vorisek Associates team reviewed the wine markets in France, greater Europe, North America, and China. We underwent a complete makeover of the brand image, transitioning it as a standard of affordable luxury. New packaging was created for the bottles, with a fresh, modern design that retains a sense of classic Gourjo.

The vineyard’s rich history is the cornerstone of the brand, and the certainty of its success lies in its cognizance of the future. With that in mind we conceived of a new tagline for the brand, Gorgeous. It’s Gourjo, and introduced the Gorgeous Collection, which incorporates the vineyard’s top-tier selections, Domaine de Gourjo, and highlights its ability to produce wine at a range of volumes and price points. With the adoption of a two-tiered model, RVA constructed a thorough price strategy that reflects the current landscape of wine retail, thereby positioning the product as “great quality at a great value.”

A necessity for today’s market is a strong and consistent web presence. Accordingly, the Richard Vorisek Associates team created such a presence with the addition of a custom website and strategic placement on all major social media platforms.


The Domaine de Gourjo is proud to have its Gorgeous Collection of wines placed in key hospitality destinations throughout the world, including at the Grand Hôtel de Paris and The Hotel Costes in Paris, along with Cipriani, The Yale Club and Jimmy at the James Hotel in New York. Additionally, the RVA team secured bottle placement with several distributors for the US and European markets. The new bottle packaging is a new paradigm of classic, and much more suited for new international placement. Domaine de Gourjo’s web presence has been developed using the best-known tools in search engine optimization and social media, an imperative for any modern brand. We are pleased to say that in 2014, Wine Enthusiast Magazine selected The Domaine de Gourjo’s The Gorgeous Viognier as one of the top ten preferred wines of the South of France. The Richard Vorisek Associates team continues to develop this unique brand.