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At Richard Vorisek Associates our 360° approach helps companies & organizations innovate and grow in the retail marketplace. We work with our clients to uncover needs, solve problems, identify opportunities and build creative solutions, teams, brands and companies. Our clients take advantage of only the pieces that they need. Here are a few examples of what Richard Vorisek Associates has done:


Duty Free Shops

Duty Free Shops Challenge Duty Free Stores global offices in Hong Kong approached Rachel Arnold, through RVA, to assist in a unique brand extension to their T Galleria boutiques. The T Galleria stores, have been successful tourist destinations in Asia and the Pacific Islands, hosting an array of luxury brand vendor shops, and cosmetics. To …

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Domaine de Gourjo Vineyard

Challenge: Located in the heart of the Languedoc region of France, Domaine de Gourjo has been family-owned and operated by the Salasc family for five generations. Despite great successes throughout the vineyard’s past, recent years have seen losses in market share and in customer loyalty for Gourjo, largely due to a business model that had fallen out-of-date. The vineyard’s brand identity lacked clarity and a distinct sense of direction. In particular its packaging felt antiquated, missing the opportunity to capture the enthusiasm that consumers traditionally have for the South of France…

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national big box retailer

National Big Box Retailer

Challenge: Historically this multi-billion dollar national big box retailer’s core operations and market presence had been in “single-season” warm weather markets such as the American Southwest. Their entry into the Midwest region of the US has brought new potential customers who were unfamiliar with the brand and thus had no prior loyalty to it. The goal of taking a market lead brought challenges. In addition to an unknown customer base and competitive environment, management was faced with merchandising and planning processes which had been designed to support a spring/summer “single-season,” without the need to transition into fall/winter…

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China Retail Seminars and Consulting

Challenge: Through Richard Vorisek’s long term experience and professional network in Asia, RVA was approached by Tony Zhong, Founder and CEO of Blue Space Enterprise, Management, Consulting Company (EMCC), Ltd. to come up with a program to expose their key China-based retail clients to global retail trends and to offer key and actionable solutions for a broad range of retail challenges and opportunities. Mr. Zhong had been looking for a U.S.-based consulting firm with expertise in these areas and a firm with similar core brand values…

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Luminance: South Africa’s First Luxury Retailer

Challenge: The goal for Luminance was to become the first luxury retailer in South Africa. Its management understood that one major hurtle for the brand would be securing top luxury brands that they knew were key to its success. In order to persuade these brands to agree to sell in their market Luminance management would need some assistance. Additionally, developing a merchandising and planning strategy specific to the luxury level was not part of their core expertise, as their primary business lay outside the luxury retail sector. The brand did have a business plan and had intended to launch its first department store in Johannesburg by Fall 2013.

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Housing Works Shops

Challenge: Housing Works 13 Thrift Shops account for one-third of Housing Works’ total revenues; 88 percent of which go directly to services for its clients.  Therefore the Thrift Shops represent a large percent of income to fund the non-profit and the goal was to maintain and grow that in a tough economy.  The shops were considered trendy and were popular although inventory management and higher end brands were not consistently donated for resale. The organization was interested in growing its business both in terms of higher end merchandise and store locations.  A primary concern was how not to cannibalize existing store sales with the addition of new neighborhood stores located in Manhattan and Brooklyn…

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Challenge: In a move to re-ignite the German-based Karstadt retail brand, Karstadt’s newly hired CEO sought a new marketing communications approach, one that his management team could embrace and execute successfully. At the time, Karstadt operated 89 department stores and 28 specialty sporting goods shops employing 68K employees with annual sales of €15.5 billion. Karstadt was struggling with a highly promotional-focused environment which was negatively impacting the business. Additionally, Karstadt was experiencing diminished brand recognition and shrinking sales…

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Challenge: When Avon moved to it’s new global headquarters, they wanted to develop an art program for their 200,000 sq. foot space that reflected the company’s core values: beauty, innovation, optimism, and above all for women. Additionally, all acquired works were to be created by women and would serve as contrasting media to their existing photography collection by renowned women photographers…

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Real Estate Developer: Luxury Mixed-Use Development in Major US City

Challenge: The major US city sought a public art program that reflected its distinct retail, commercial and residential tenants. It wanted the overall art program experience to be as diverse as the viewing audiences, intimately engaging, and contribute to the hallmark of design and programmatic innovation in the metropolitan area…

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